July is for the Kids

"Did you know that last summer 2,066,023 free meals were served to kids in Oregon? While that's a lot of breakfasts, lunches and snacks...many more kids could be reached through the Summer Food Service Program. Only 1 in 5 students that utilizes free and reduced priced meals during the school year participate in Summer Meals. You can help us ensure all kids in Oregon are well nourished—all year long" - Oregon Summer Meals

For the month of July, our 3% sales donation is going to Summer Meals.

The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) helps to fill the nutritional gap that children experience in the months off between school years. Beyond food, these Summer Meal Sites also offer enrichment programs throughout our community. 

Access to nutritious, reliable food sources are imperative to the development of our community and, in particular, the young members of our community. Thank you for providing an invaluable resource, Summer Meals!


Crystal & Kirsten





June Donation

Lion & Owl has been given an immense amount of support from the Lane County community. This mini-restaurant surely represents luxury and celebration all week long, but we also hope to provide support for our community members who have limited resources.

Sweet Seed Flower Farm

Each month, 3% of our sales will be donated to a local, non-profit organization. We hope that as local business owners we can help to nourish our community through our airstream kitchen and through our support of charities close to our hearts. Our backgrounds in hospitality, food and beverage have exposed us to the need for sustainable, fair food. Therefore, many of the organizations that we will donate to each month will have missions relevant to food access and equality.

For the month of June, proceeds will go to FOOD for Lane County.

“For every dollar donated, FOOD for Lane County can distribute enough food to provide three meals.” - FFLC

“For every dollar donated, FOOD for Lane County can distribute enough food to provide three meals.” - FFLC

With a vision to eliminate hunger in Lane County and a mission to alleviate hunger by creating access to food, FFLC offers programs ranging from emergency food pantries and community gardens to multicultural outreach. As food banks are built and sustained on partnerships, FOOD for Lane County works with over 180 other programs, agencies and distribution sites that aid in their mission to provide and maintain access to wholesome food for low-income Lane County residents.

It is organizations like FFLC that make us proud members of this Willamette Valley community. 


Crystal & Kirsten

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Airplane Inspiration and Airstream Americana

A small history of Airstreams and the serendipity that lead to Lion & Owl.

Kirsten and Crystal originally had the idea to bring a new food truck to Eugene after touring Europe and becoming enamored with the mobile chicken and potato rotisseries in France. It wasn’t until they stumbled across a 1977 Airstream for sale in Portland, outfitted with a full-service kitchen, that the concept of luxury brunch emerged from their memory bank of European meal experiences.

Inspiration for Lion & Owl came from the leisurely style of European dining, the whimsical nature of Eugene, the simplistic luxury of Airstream Americana and a pure passion for food and wine of the world and the Willamette Valley.

The concept of an Airstream came from designer William Hawley Bowlus who had worked on Charles Lindburgh’s Spirit of St. Louis. Airplanes inspired Bowlus to create his Bowlus Road Chief trailer, originally made of wood in the 1930’s. Instead of selling physical trailers, Bowlus sold plans on how to build his trailers in the back of Popular Mechanics magazine.

The lightweight build and sleek design earned these trailers places in institutions like NASA and the military. But in recent years, the airstream has become a nostalgic symbol of adventure, whimsy and luxurious simplicity. From NPR to Sunset Magazine to Forbes, stories of refurbished Airstreams and tips on how to live in them consistently sprinkle lifestyle media. 

Meet Kirsten and Crystal

How Brunch in an Airstream Came to Eugene

We fell in love eating, talking wine and menu planning while working together at Marche in Eugene, Oregon.

New Restaurant Eugene, OR

Crystal’s path that led her to our perfect pairing started in her hometown of Estacada where she honed her egg flipping skills at the local bakery café. Graduation from Lane Community College’s culinary program helped her get a job at one of Eugene’s finest restaurants and over the next ten years there, she found her voice as a chef.

Kirsten’ journey was strongly influenced by her grandmother’s southern hospitality and charm, but it was a baptism in Clairette de Die at the age of twelve that cemented her love of the grape. Her passion grew with her pursuit of excellence at many great restaurants with many a great brunch.

Captivated by each other’s talents and passions, we knew we wanted to create something together.  We hope you enjoy the culmination of our journeys through wine, food, life and love.