Meet Kirsten and Crystal

How Brunch in an Airstream Came to Eugene

We fell in love eating, talking wine and menu planning while working together at Marche in Eugene, Oregon.

New Restaurant Eugene, OR

Crystal’s path that led her to our perfect pairing started in her hometown of Estacada where she honed her egg flipping skills at the local bakery café. Graduation from Lane Community College’s culinary program helped her get a job at one of Eugene’s finest restaurants and over the next ten years there, she found her voice as a chef.

Kirsten’ journey was strongly influenced by her grandmother’s southern hospitality and charm, but it was a baptism in Clairette de Die at the age of twelve that cemented her love of the grape. Her passion grew with her pursuit of excellence at many great restaurants with many a great brunch.

Captivated by each other’s talents and passions, we knew we wanted to create something together.  We hope you enjoy the culmination of our journeys through wine, food, life and love.